Adult Kick Fitness Classes

"The Calorie Burning, Heart Pounding Workout That Will Make You Crave More"

Adult Fitness

If you're like most people, you've talked and talked about getting fit. But just how serious are you? Do you want a gorgeous, head-turning body? And what about self-defense? Do you want to have the strength, speed and skills to crush an attacker using nothing but your feet and fist? There is no better way to drop excess pounds, get into incredible shape, learn real, effective self-defense and find that fun, sexy body you've always dreamed about than with Fitness Classes at Brown's TKD Institute!


When you take these incredible classes, you'll easily lose weight and tone-up faster than you ever thought possible. That's because we'll kickstart your fat-burning furnace with our Fitness Classes, for an intense workout that promises to burn up to 800 calories per class! That's more than twice the number of calories you'll burn in mere aerobics class.

With each new Fitness Kickboxing class at Brown's TKD Institute, our experienced instructors will whip you into amazing shape, preparing you for anything life throws your way. But these Fitness classes will give you so much more than an amazing full-body workout and serious self-defense skills. In fact, our Fitness Kickboxing classes offer countless benefits that will change your life. Here are just a few:

 • Lose weight fast while developing an eye-catching, chiseled body
 • Improve circulation that will leave you full of energy
 • Boost your self-confidence to unheard of levels
 • Instant stress relief that lasts and lasts
 • Razor-sharp focus and mental clarity like you've never experienced


When you experience the Fitness classes at Brown's TKD Institute, you'll only regret not starting sooner. But with new Kickboxing classes enrolling this month, there's no need to wait any longer!

Request more information now by filling out the short form on the side of this page and get all the details on how to get started transforming yourself into the fit, healthy version of yourself you've always wanted.

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What We Offer

  • Youth Martial Arts Classes

    Fun, exciting kid's Tae Kwon Do martial arts classes that teach your child self-defense, help them get in great shape, and most importantly... give them the tools they need for a happy, successful life.

  • Adult Martial Arts Classes

    Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Get in great shape, have fun, and become part of our awesome, supportive community.

  • Fitness Classes

    Our members call this "the funnest way to burn fat, period." Drop inches, tone up from head to toe, and learn some self-defense too as your body gets slim 'n toned...

  • After School Program

    Enroll your child in an enriching, fun after school program - that provides transportation! We pick your child up from school and bring them right to our facility for an afternoon full of martial arts... fun & games... exercise... homework... and lessons on life.

  • Summer / Day Camps

    Enroll your child (or children!) in a program that will teach them respect, focus, discipline and more - while letting them have a TON of fun! Martial arts meets summer vacation in our amazing summer camp that parents (and their kids!) simply love.

  • Birthday Parties

    Parties at our martial arts center are more than just dropping the kids off at the fun zone...and letting them run crazy for hours. They're fun, structured events that kids brag about for months after they've ended.

“success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.”